Vehicle History Report and Lemon Check

What is a Vehicle History Report?

A Vehicle History Report or Lemon Check can tell you the odometer readings, registration history, major accidents and more about the history of a vehicle.

What will show up in a Vehicle History Report?

  • A taxi or police car?
  • Used as a rental or fleet vehicle?
  • Rebuilt?
  • A victim of potential odometer rollback?
  • In a flood or hail storm?
  • Stolen or salvaged?
  • In an accident or fire?
  • Lemon?
  • Junked Titles
  • State emissions inspection results
  • Lien activity

Many companies that offer Vehicle History Reports also include other information about your vehicle. Companies such as Consumerguide offers thier ratings, road test scores, recall data and much more. CarFax offers its Free Lemon CheckTM, Record CheckTM , Recall CheckTM, and Problem Car Check to you for your research. Experian AutoCheck comes in English or Spanish and gives you an indepth look into the history of any car.

Where to find the VIN

Unsure where to find your VIN, below is a list of places where you can find it. If you are car shopping online most ads display the VIN and if you are interested can run a Vehicle History Report on it. A Lemon of a car could cost you 1000's, why not make a small investment to be sure the car is what it appears to be.

  • insurance card or policy
  • vehicle title or registration card
  • front driver's side dash, looking through windshield
  • front driver's side door post
CarFax Lemon Check Make sure that car purchase isnt a lemon with the CarFax Lemon Check. CarFax Reports help you see the history of any vehicle and protect you from lemon vehicles.

Looking to protect your investment in a used car? Then read more about the CarFax Lemon Check. Experian AutoCheck If you want to Check your Auto then order your Experian AutoCheck here.

Read more about AutoCheck from Experian and find out how AutoCheck can help protect you. Consumer Guide VHR The Consumer Guide Vehicle History Report has content that only the Editors of Consumer Guide can offer you, find out everything about that car you are shopping for.

Scroll down to find out more about Consumer Guide Vehicle History Report and how it can protect you from future car problems. Click to start your FREE Vehicle History Report Record Check. CarFax Lemon Check


What a CarFax Report can do for you:

CARFAX Used Car History Reports reveal important background information and unearth hidden problems in a vehicle's past that may affect its safety and resale value. Our reports can reveal:

Major accident damage? Flood damage? Odometer Fraud? Avoid making a potentially costly mistake when buying a used car. Order CARFAX Vehicle History Reports to help save 1000's in repairs.

Check every used car as you shop and identify the used cars with hidden problems before you buy. See your CARFAX Reports on screen instantly. Order risk-free with our Money-Back Guarantee.

START HERE! Just try your VIN for FREE and see if any problems appear.

Get started now with our FREE CARFAX Record Check™.

Order CARFAX Reports

  • Unlimited History Reports for $19.99 with FREE Safety and Reliability Reports™
  • Single History Report for $14.99
  • Free Lemon Check

What's in a CarFax Report:

  • Check: Salvaged? Lemon? Flooded? Rebuilt?
  • Odometer Check: Fraud? Rolled Over? Rolled Back? Broken?
  • Problem Check: Major Accident? Salvage Auction? Fire Damage? Stolen?
  • Registration Check: Leased? Rental? Taxi/Police? Fleet Car?
Experian Autocheck

Before you take the keys ... AutoCheck it!

Make sure you know all the facts before buying a preowned car. Protect yourself and your investment with an AutoCheck vehicle history report!

AutoCheck from Experian

  • $14.99 Single AutoCheck
  • $19.99 Unlimited AutoCheck reports within 60 days
  • $59.99 AutoCheck w/ TitleGuard - Unlimited AutoCheck reports PLUS TitleGuard's $50,000 Protection against DMV errors and hidden title defects
  • Spanish version of the AutoCheck Web Site
Consumer Guide VHR

The Consumer Guide® Vehicle History Report is the Truth about Used Cars. See below what else you get from Consumer Guide with your purchase of a Consumer Guide Vehicle History Report.

Vehicle History Report

  • Consumer Guide® Best Buy ratings
  • Road test scores
  • Recall and safety data
  • Trouble spots and repair costs
Unlimited Reports
Get as many reports as you need with unlimited access to our database of vehicle history records for 60 days for only $19.95.
Single Report
If you know you'll only need to research one vehicle's history, you can buy a single report for just $14.95.

Inspecting A Used Car

When buying a car there are some things that you can do yourself such as giving your a used car a good look over.
1: Check Out The Exterior
2: Check Out the Interior
3: Air-Conditioning Issues
4: Look In The Trunk
5: Under The Hood
6: Under The Car
7: Take A Test Drive
8: Get a Vehicle History Report or Lemon Check

If you are suspect of a used car try a Lemon Check from Carfax or a Vehicle History Report from AutoCheck to see what the eye can not see. AutoCheck is a registered trademark of Experian®, Inc., CARFAX , LEMON CHECK, VEHICLE HISTORY REPORT, RECORD CHECK and RECALL CHECK are all trademarks of CARFAX, Incorporated