News - Auto Show - Nissan and Infiniti Join the Chicago Auto Show

Nissan and Infiniti Join the Chicago Auto Show

So on February 5th 2010 Nissan and Infiniti finally decided that perhaps they should join the Chicago Auto Show.

With just weeks until a major auto show in a super small city of some 10-15 million residents why wouldn t you want to be part of the show? I know it is not free to buy transport setup man during the event take down transport and all of the steps I missed in the middle but really? For the marketing budgets that these companies have why would you not go to the major car shows?

Let us see the reasons that a major (and minor) car maker would want to go to a car show:

  • 10-15 million people a short drive from the event
  • Show goers are future prospects
  • Free Advertising (Newspapers Local Media Coverage Little Guys like me)
  • Possible customers that would not otherwise come to one of your dealerships
  • Side by side comparisons
  • Do I have to keep going?

      Now with the recent issues McCormick Place has had and the overly high prices they charge I understand Nissan s reluctance. Nissan registered almost 9 percent of area light car and truck sales in 2009 and local dealer projections for 2010 are optimistic. Perhaps this is not enough of an increase in sales for them so the investment was not to be worth it... but only they would know this.

      If they were only to look at the short term then they will simply go way of the Ford Thunderbird (remake) Pontiac GTO (remake) Chevrolet SSR Dodge Viper (I m a Vette guy so I have to add this one) and the entire Chrysler line soon I think honestly.

      If I make the show I will be sure to hit the Nissan and Infiniti areas and poke around at the new 2011 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition which will be shown for the first time anywhere; and over at Infiniti s display the all-new for the spring 2011 M.