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2010 Porsche Panamera

I would rather turn my focus to a new model that Porsche is rolling out - what are they thinking?? I love Porsche but the rear end of the Panamera scares me more then the 944 ever did. They went from the Jennifer Lopez butt on the 928 to a... I dont even know. The rear end looks like they took a 911 and just kept pulling it until it fit. Im sure you have read this somewhere but this is the first time I really have taken time to look over the car so go easy on me.

If you cant tell Im not impressed with the car. On one hand I am glad it doesnt look like every other vehicle on the road but instead it looks like the a 911 and a station wagon hooked up and had a baby. I mean look at that rear!??!

Dear Porsche - I am glad you are not like everyone but fitting a 4 door a SUV and a shell of the 911 do not make a car company. I will stick to my thoughts of always wanting a 911 and wishing I fit in a Cayman.