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Hyundai Assurance Program

With news about job losses and slumping economy spewing out of the media outlets on a daily basis; it was only a matter of time till some hurting industries tried something new. I dont know if this is the first time ever for such a program but I personally cant recall ever hearing about something like this.

Hyundai has rolled out its Hyundai Assurance: Weve got your back for one full year program where they literally have your back, or so they say.

On their site you can get the full fine print. Here are some of the finer points:

Program details

  • Available on all new Hyundai vehicles.
  • Available to everyone regardless of age health or employment history.
  • 12 months complimentary on every new Hyundai vehicle loan or lease.
  • Covers up to $7 500 in negative equity.

Coverage in case of:

  • Involuntary unemployment
  • Physical disability
  • Loss of drivers license due to medical impairment
  • International employment transfer
  • Self-employed personal bankruptcy
  • Accidental death

Personally Im not sure how this program will work in terms of sales numbers but I will be very interested to see their year over year sales numbers in a month.

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