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2009 Automobile All-Stars

The end of the year is nearing and everyone is starting to put out their Best of 2008 lists. I dont have one this year as I have simply been super busy but I have found a decent one to comment on.

Automobile Magazine has put out a list that they are calling the 2009 Automobile All-Stars. The cars on the list range from the new Audi R8 and Corvette ZR1 to the Honda Fit and Ford Flex. The categories have a nice wide range and cover a lot of ground as well.

The article itself gives a nice amount of detail about each vehicle why it was chosen and so on. I do have to say that the layout of the pages was a bit cumbersome. There are 10 vehicles and of course 10 pages. It makes the reading of the list to be a pain in the arse  but that may just be me.

I have listed the cars and their categories but encourage you to go and read the full article.

This Years All-Stars

  1. The Outgoing Automobile of the Year: Audi R8 - Base price: $117 500
  2. The Best-Ever Jaguar Sedan: Jaguar XF - Base price: $49 975-$64 475
  3. The Master of Space Utilization: Honda Fit - Base price: $15 220-$18 580
  4. The Class Act Among People Movers: Ford Flex - Base price: $28 995-$37 255
  5. The Roots Rocker: Volkswagen GTI - Base price: $23 640-$24 240
  6. The Awesome Brute: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 - Base price: $106 520
  7. The Evergreen Sports Car: Porsche 911 - Base price: $76 550-$194 950
  8. The Unrestrained Powerhouse: Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG - Base price: $57 175
  9. The Perennial Award Winner: BMW 3-series - Base price: $34 225-$58 325
  10. The Underrated American: Chevrolet Malibu - Base price: $22 275-$27 550