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Over the years I have dug into books, driven cars, attended car auctions and seen quite a few car shows. What I have to show for it is a bit of knowledge about cars, some car specs, and somewhere near 30,000 car photos.

ReviewsCar.com will be the home to all of this research and I hope you enjoy it. Look for a flurry of photos to appear on the site from car shows dating back to the 2003 Chicago Auto Show all the way to the 2009 Chicago Auto Show, and some 20+ car shows and auctions in between.

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Find Car Specs from one of the 2000+ available on the site from older classics and exotic cars such as Ford Specs,Chevrolet Specs,Ferrari Specs, Lamborghini Specs, Porsche Specs, Ford Mustang Specs, Chevrolet Corvette Specs, Chevrolet Camaro Specs, Pontiac Firebird Specs, Porsche 911 Specs or search below.

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